Include country code, eg 0044
Include country code eg 00354

Extra Team Members, up to 4 total

If you have a family of 5+ email us but continue the form, please

Next of Kin or contact in case of emergency

This should not be anyone in the Mac-Ice group attending the event in Iceland
Include the full country code, a mobile could make the difference!
Please state if a family member (relationship) or close friend.

Mobile phone, with code we are to use in the App

We will be using an App to monitor, control, score and issue challenges. Try to use a tablet with sim capability. It should NOT be the drivers number !!
We suggest you bring a tablet or good modern phone with 3G and 4G capability. We can provide an Icelandic sim at an extra cost

Macmillan Cancer Support information

Each team should have a short whacky funny name
If it does not provide a simple get my URL link, most do. Then copy and paste the browsers address bar at the top of the screen.
You may not know this, but this is the best time to buy. However a general idea will help us plan shuttle services. You can email specifics later

Calculate your entry fee, ignore DKK read as ISK

Complete the boxes choosing if you need extra room, how many for, extra items. You should allow in you budget for a 10% increase on all prices. If it is required it will be applied to remaining deposits as soon as I know the increase occurs.
There are a range of options, choose one that suits you and your budget. We will secure a deposit on the vehicle, BUT final contract is between you and car rental. Hire finishes on Sunday evening at their office. Again transport is included by event.
Note there no camping available on Saturday night Email me for reason and options. You can have extra people in the vehicle, but they do cost a little more.
If you have 3, children, complete for 2 but email us
Includes for the Team of 2; B&B for 4 nights 2 commemorative books BBQ or Buffet last night Some prizes Some refreshments (not lunches) Admin and App fee Event support logistics
You can order extra books before event BUT not after. Two books are already included in the entry fee.
£ 0.00
Price in ISK, this does not include my suggest 10% allowance for inflation etc.