I have thought of two alternatives to the original plan, which I hasten to confirm is still my preferred option but life has changed and affected so many over a long time now that I thought I should put together alternatives.

OPTION 1 is as before


Option one is similar to the original but removes the need for a 4×4 vehicle. It will make extensive use of the book I am writing which will be part of the package, as it always was. We remain in Reykjavik as a base, so people can utilise a range of accommodation, again I have quotations if you wish to use them but comparison web site may be just as competitive. Accommodation is not included in this package. I have also removed the 4×4 vehicle as the included vehicle, again I have quotations but you may find Holiday Car and similar web site as competitive.

This event will be more of a scatter, in that you can chose, (there maybe a little persuasion used,) which Adventure Hunt you do on which day. This will help prevent it being a grand tour and allow for your own solutions to prevail.

So that you do not miss out on the real wildness of our highlands, myself and perhaps some friends will offer take you to the Highlands. We will do this over a few days whilst the others undertake their chosen Adventure Hunt. Of course if you hire or ship over a 4×4 then you can do this yourself or follow along.

I did a quick on-line search for prices, see the following boxes, for a 5 day stay for 2 persons.

Holiday Autos, when I looked today for 5 days had the following options for a Keflavik pick up and Return for 5 days.

  • VW Golf at 350 GBP for 5 days
  • VW 9 seater 1336 GBP for 5 days
  • Dacia Duster/ Rav4 830 GBP for 5 days

You also can use a code for 25% off Hertz Iceland website prices NOT comparison sites.

Booking.com offered for 5 days B&B

  • Skuggi Hotel, new, in town has parking, 1380 GBP for the room with two people.
  • Guest Houses, ranged from 330 GBP, average 500 GBP and top end 700 GBP but these are really hotels.

EasyJet were showing flights at 130 GBP return per person but that is Sunday to Thursday

So a total of 300 GBP easily covers 2 persons.

The event fee would be in the region of 350 GBP

So a Mac-Ice total of 1000 to 1800 GBP per person (and higher if you wish)

A minimum entry of 10 teams of 2, to achieve this entry fee.



You stay at home, or if rules allow meet as groups.

I will send you a special package of almost all you need, including a vehicle.

The box is for two people and includes,

  • Large map of Iceland 500x700mm
  • Rally plaque
  • 2 Mug for the tea
  • Scale Land Rover 4×4
  • Mac-Ice Book
  • Road book
  • 2 Mac-Ice pen
  • Instructions

You require

  1. The package box above
  2. Use of  a search engine
  3. Pencil, paper, rubber etc
  4. Compass or if clever protractor!
  5. Glass of wine, beer or cuppa.
  6. Some sponsorship money banked with Just Giving
  7. Paid Entry fee that includes most of the above but not 5.

Entry Fee in the region of 150 GBP per person, Minimum of 20 entries required.