So who is Ian Sykes? In motor sport circles he is the guy who imagined, instigated and almost single handed, ran the Scottish Perthsire Hillrallies. Initially a joint venture with RSAC but later Ian, with other enthusiasts, formed the Scottish Hillrally Club. The new club started the Scottish Borders Hillrally which is still running. 
In the day job, Ian has been in Hospitality and Tourism from age 15, and for 35 years lectured in the subject and assisting SMEs with coming to grips with the new computers and IT. He later formed his own training business HTPinS and was a single entity business in the training arena. Offering Alcohol license training, H&S under IOSH Customer care under Welcome Host and the only single entity SIA trainer in Scotland.
Married to Frances for nearly 50 years and a daughter with two boys. Ian and Frances retired to Iceland in 2010 and run a small Guest House ( and Ian still works as a driver guide for GTIce ( Just 2 yars ago, approaching the age of 70 Ian decided to check wether he should still drive commercially, so came to the UK and resat his commercial truck and bus licences.

Ian and Frances in their MSport Freelander, Rally Reykjavik 2007

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