If I arrive before the Thursday, where should I stay?

I would suggest anywhere in the greater Reykjavik area. Do not book for Thursday night we are not in Reykjavik!

Try booking.com or similar for hotels, that’s the cheapest option. If a smaller establishment, find their name and email direct, save them the 20%+ commission.

If I know of the dates and arrival, we can supply a shuttle service, small fee for fuel, and I can approach a hotel we use for the last day, they have suggested they would offer the same rate. 4 star hotel.

Which is the best option for shipping my own vehicle over to Iceland?

I have the best quote from Samskip, although a year ahead they have said they will try and honour the prices of £1450 return from HULL. I would factor in 10% .
All shipping companies ask you to add insurance, typically costs 1%, to be honest I have always missed this. Just how many Samskip (or Eimskip) container ships go down?
Factor in the sailing schedule, especially return as it is a week’s journey. You car goes for a cruise round Iceland!
Then fly cheap, like EsyJet. Pack all your clothes etc in the vehicle. Use it for an extended holiday.
Pack packaged, canned food do not ship raw meat, alcohol or tobacco.
Tourist cars normally clear customs quickly.

If I ship my vehicle how do I get from the airport?

I am planning on providing a low cost shuttle service, once you know flight info, email me details. Airline, Day, ETA and flight number.
This also works for return to airport
I can also arrange to have your vehicle delivered to the dock, either pick up from airport or arranged location with the shuttle service.

Which is the best airline?

I used to say Icelandair, we always fly them but at the moment all airlines are in turmoil. In 2020 I’m using Easy Jet as Icelandair could not provide my day and destination.
Easy jet are also offering great prices.

Where does the Adventure start from and what time?

If you arrive before Thursday then you will start from Reykjavik
If you arrive on Thursday, then you start from Keflavik (airport location).

If you arrive on Thursday morning you have an option to go to Reykjavik and have a walk round and start there
If you arrive Thursday afternoon, then the plan is you start from the airport,BUT this is not final and might change. It is dependant on car hire agent’s help and procedures.

There is not any option for arriving Friday

We do not stay in Reykjavik Thursday night.