Hello the time has arrived and an apology to many, firstly the event has worked out more costly than first estimated mainly through vehicle hire, especially if we go with the Arctic Trucks option, but a simple Dacia Duster 4×4 (Note it must be a 4×4 jeepa class vehicle) is a lot lot cheaper. So I left the choice to you folks; 5 Options all are in the entry form, choose just one, that suits your budget;


Ship your own with Samskip, about 1450 GBP, choose this option for vehicle so you don’t get charged on the entry form.
Arctic Trucks, top quality top price, new vehicles aka Top Gear
ISAK LR 110, older but Puma some could be TD5s, plenty of space
Avis Dacia Duster 4×4, less than 3 years old, get the job done, Iceland’s most common rental car. Budget price
! You decide to find and rent your own, it must be a proper 4×4 not an Octavia type thing, it is the LAW on the roads we will use. Remember if it is cheap its for a reason! If I help a rental car without their email OK, I am liable for any damage, so we just don’t.

If you ship your own, complete the entry form but also email me separately you will pay Samskip direct. If you can allow two weeks prior to ship, then it will clear Customs, typically Tourists clear in a day or two, containers lifted off on Monday, we move out on Thursday. I would use it for an extended holiday. Do not pack Tobacco, Alcohol, fresh meat, in the vehicle, the wee Spaniel will find it! You could of course camp, but I have not arranged any and you would be away from the rest. If you insist, then email me. Please note the chosen places do not allow overnight camping in their car parks.

We are staying in places that have made up beds, so no sleeping bags are required. In one location most will have shared bathroom facilities. In Iceland we remove outside shoes when we enter someone’s house, this place is like that, they have blue plastic pull overs but you can use flip flops etc
I have not pre-ordered evening meals, all have facilities and Iceland is up to speed on many diets, Oatmeal milk and Almond milk is common (What happened to the cows!). So choose from the menu to suit budget and diet. As a general rule think £30 for a 2 course meal and you will be OK, some have lower choices. On first night, there nearby other options to the hotel. Last night we will have BBQ, meat, fish, veg and if that does not cover you, let me know.

We will be using an APP available for iPhone, ITablet and Android but NOT Windows. It was written for the i system so that’s the best but I use Android so you will be fine. Read the Reg’s for software versions to have. Me! I would use a tablet but it needs a sim or have it share your phones. Only one phone number is assigned and that device gets the information. So bring charger leads, battery packs. We use two round pins and same voltage as UK.
Oh the APP, sorry MOOVE from Spain but supplied by the British agent.

You DO NOT require any sporting licence for this event. No MS UK licence.

Ensure your vehicle, if using your own, has Iceland road cover, most do but ensure paper work shows it. We are not in the EU but the EEA.

Clothing, think going on a weekend to Scottish Highlands or Wales! One big advantage we have no midges.

Organised in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604). Also operating in Northern Ireland.